August 25, 2019

Global Securities

Global Securities focuses on key concepts and principles relating to the creation, valuation, trading and management of financial instruments, comprehensive coverage of equities, debt securities and prime brokerage.

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Nasdaq Dubai Academy offers high-quality, professional financial education training to improve individual and business performance

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Nasdaq Dubai sees financial education as a key driver in the development of a world-class capital market. Its Academy is uniquely equipped to address the professional development and training needs of issuers, Members, investors, market participants and the general public. If you want to perfect your knowledge in financial markets subjects to rise higher and offer more to your company; choose the capital markets centre. To accomplish this, professionals can expect these top 6 results from our Academy courses:

Immediate Value

The Academy’s practical courses ensure your new skills can be applied in practice right away and become part of your leadership approach.

Tailored Courses

As companies needs and goals differ, their learning requirements become unique. The Academy can create tailored courses and address specific subjects.

Expert Trainer

The Academy partners only with top-tier training institutions well-known for their best practices and track records globally.

Recent Trends

Financial instruments and theories are constantly evolving. Our courses focus on the changes in the industry that matter.

Wide Spectrum of Courses

The Academy’s spectrum of courses is wide-ranging, encompassing new graduates to CEOs certificate programs to specific subject areas; individual company programmes to team options; and in-class teaching to online learning.

Real Life Examples

Applying financial markets theory directly in the work place produces effective results. Our trainers specialise in practical case studies.